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(Please read the rules BEFORE entering!!!)
Rules are Simple. But MUST be followed to enter our contests!

1. You must submit 5 photos to enter ANY of our Public Contests!
2. 1 photo is for the contest and the other 4 are for varification purposes!
3. For Pet Contests. At least TWO photos MUST be of the pet and the owner! If you don't have 2 like this. Then 2 photos MUST be of the owner by themself!
4. If you are entering a "people" contest. Anyone under the age of 18 must submit 2 photos of a parent (with or without the minor in the photo).
5. Over 18 years old MUST submit 5 photos of themselves to verify that you are a REAL person and not stolen photos from the Internet!
6. ALL entries will be verified either by phone, text message or email. Sometimes more than 2 of these!
7. NO PHOTO can ever be entered twice! Even verification photos. If you enter every month. You must submit ALL new photos!
8. You may vote ONCE every 12 hours. If you or your friends try voting more than that. You may be removed from our contests!
9. ANY suspicious activity of trying to vote more than once every 12 hours will get you removed and banned from our contests!
This includes proxies or ANY type of IP changer. We monitor these contests 24/7. So don't even try it.
10. ALL winning checks are mailed out within 2 weeks of the contest end.

Owners Information!
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We verify ALL contest entries. May we text you at the above cell number to verify your indentity?
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Pet or Person's Name entering contest. *
Please write a bio about yourself or pet.
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To enter this contest. You must upload a total of 5 DIFFERENT photos of yourself or pet!
If your entering a pets contest. At least TWO photos must be of YOU!
This is to prove that these photos are actually REAL and not some picture you stole from the Internet!
Contest Photo will be the photo that will be in this contest!


Additional photo's are only for verification and will be destroyed when the contest is over!
ALL photos submitted must be a minimum of 800 X 800 pixels in size!

contest photo *

additional photos *

If someone referred you to our contests. Please enter the promotional code here
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ALL photos submitted must be a minimum of 800 X 800 pixels in size
(and not bigger than 3 meg per photo)
or they will be rejected!
(Do not upload 5 of the SAME photo! Must be DIFFERENT photos!)

Thank you for entering! All we ask is one favor.
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