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Testiimonial Page


Contest Winner!

Angela - Won $4000 in our Private Contests!

Contest Winner!

Mike - Won $500 in our Public Contests!

Contest Winner!

I love EZ contests. I won 3 contests last month. The private contests are easiest to win.
I got 3 checks earlier this week for $3100.
THANK YOU Kris & Jenny! I went shopping and baught all new stuff for my apartment.

Sara won 3 Private Contests that totalled $3100

I reveived a check for $1500 yesterday! These contests really DO pay! I am going to keep entering your private contests because I know that people aren't looking at my photos!
Thank you EZ Contests!

Kim won 2 Private Contests that totalled $1500

This is SO awesome! I never thought I would win.
I had to submit a LOT of photos, but it was definitely worth it.
Oh yeah... I got my check 3 days ago!

Princess won 1 Private Contest that totalled $3000

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