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EZ Private Contests!

Private Contests !

This is an On-line contest and we have no way of proving a person's REAL age!
We will NOT be held responsible for people that lie about their age to enter our contests!

Do You Have What it Takes to WIN?

No matter WHAT your profession is.
We have 10 contests that you can enter & WIN!

Start out with our Glamour contests until you feel comfortable with entering!



Weekly & Monthly Private Contests!

We know there are a lot of you out there that would like to enter Beauty Contest's but don't want your photos seen on the Internet. So we decided to add our Weekly & monthly Private contests to our site. These contests are exactly what they say. 100% private! If you ever play the lottery you know what the odds are of you winning. Our Private contests are very similar. You enter as many photos as you can in the contest that you enter and at the end of the month are computer randomly chooses one photo from a folder that contains all of the entries. These contests are easier to win because YOU set the odds!

Example: If Mary enters 10 photos in our monthly glamour contest and Elizabeth enters 260 photos in the same contest. Who has the better odds of winning? Remember. Your photos are never seen by anybody but myself (only to verify it's really you) and our computer chooses one photo from all the entries submitted. All of the photos are destroyed when the contest is over. And for those of you that know me, you know my word is like gold and I don't play games! When I say that they are destroyed after each contest. You'll know that's a fact and you never have to worry about your photos being seen anywhere!

Another thing that makes these contests easy is that you can submit any type of photo. It doesn't matter if your hair is messy, in curlers, if you're heavy, thin or missing two arms. Nobody will ever see these photos but me and ANYBODY can enter and win!

These contests are 100% private and confidential. Nobody will EVER know that you entered them (unless you tell them).

Weekly Contests

Contests DOUBLE when no winner!
1. Weekly Female Glamour Contest - Pays $25 (3)
2. Weekly Female Lingerie Contest - Pays $50 (1)
3. Weekly Female Topless Contest - Pays $100 (0)
4. Weekly Female Nude Contest - Pays $1000 (0)
5. Weekly Male Nude Contest - Pays $1000 (0)
6. Weekly Female Best Tats Contest - Pays $1000 (0)
7. Weekly Male Best Tats Contest - Pays $1000 (0)

Monthly Contests

8. Monthly Female Glamour Contest - Pays $100 (2)
9. Monthly Female Lingerie Contest - Pays $200 (0)
10. Monthly Female Topless Contest - Pays $500 (0)
11. Monthly Female Nude Contest - Pays $2000 (0)
12. Monthly Male Nude Contest - Pays $2000 (0)
13. Monthly Female Best Tats Contest - Pays $2000 (0)
14. Monthly Male Best Tats Contest - Pays $2000 (0)

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